Machine Service & Retrofit

The maintenance and repair as well as machine overhauling, modernization/retrofit of your plant and machinery is in good hands with our company. With our well-trained skilled workers and our fully equipped workshop vehicle we can do this work at your plant in high quality.
We have an extensive selection of high-quality tools and machines available in our plant, besides necessary technical measuring instruments and other tools. Therefor our workshop is well equipped for repair work and we have a good network of suppliers to keep downtimes short.

Summarized we offer a full package to covering almost any need in machinery. So, our customers have one reliable partner in this business, with short time of reaction and high quality in execution. Altogether this has been granting us high customer satisfaction.

... with emergency stop switches;
Spindle service
with emergency stop switches;

Extract of some successful implemented projects:

  • Straightening machine for orienting and aligning of steel pipes (retrofit);
  • Pipe cooling-bed (repair);
  • Retrofitting of lathes with protective spindle covers with emergency stop switches;
  • Retrofitting of various machines with protective covers;
  • Supports for driving shafts on large tool machines;
  • Headstock – Adjustment mechanism;
  • Belt sander (overhauling);
  • Spindle service / lathe (maintenance);


We are always bothered to fulfil all our orders to the total satisfaction of our customers!

... with emergency stop switches;
... for orienting and aligning steel pipes;
Belt sander (overhauling)

We will be pleased to advice you in a non-binding initial conversation.

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