Machine Tool Building and Special Purpose Machinery

Based on long term experience and constant process improvement in mechanical engineering we are able to provide request-specific and innovative solutions, from “small” machine upgrades to constructions and manufacturing of completely new machines.

BWME machines are the guarantee for a significant improvement in your company!
They represent capital goods that not only deliver high-quality results in the production and maintenance area, but are above all cost-effective to operate. Investing in one of our machines should not be seen as a drain on funds. Rather, it is an investment in a qualitative and cost-effective increase in economic efficiency.

Machine tools form us like lathes, grinding machines, milling machines, (…) are mostly used in the machining of large parts, with workpiece dimensions of several meters, often weighting tons, e.g. processing of steel rolls or composite rolls.

Our (special purpose) machines are used in a wide range of product sectors. They are basically machines/assemblies/apparatuses for manufacturing or processing a special product and support our customers in improving/simplifying the production process or reducing production costs.

... for machining large steel rollers;
... for surface heating of roll covers;
... for machining of steel panels;

Extract of successful finished projects:

  • Column milling machine for machining large steel rollers;
  • Top slide for large lathes;
  • Dressing unit for grinding wheels;
  • Brushing device for press stamps;
  • Cutting device for carbon tapes;
  • Tailstock with clamping device;
  • Set-up table / device for handling of large press tools up to 20 MN force;
  • Belt grinder – slides and platforms for permanent assembly on large processing machines;
  • Trailer set-up device for car trailers;
  • Vacuum boxes for handling of 12m wide fabric bands;
  • IR heating bars for surface heating of roll covers;
  • Test Stands, g. for performance testing of electric motors;
  • Roller transport carriage for movement of rolls up to 100 tons;
  • and many more

Customers greatly appreciate the simple handling, solid construction as well as maintenance-friendly and operational design of our machinery and plants.

We also offer the development and construction of machines and plant as a pure service.

... for Wire finishing;
... for raising car trailers;
Top slide

We will be pleased to advice you in a non-binding initial conversation.

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