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Individual and need-oriented solutions!

Development and manufacturing of innovative, reliable and solid machines and machine parts, custom-requirements oriented construction and project handling as well as reliable service are the main-characters of BWME|WeißenböckMaschinenbau GmbH.

Our Constructions will be very carefully engineered for having the optimal solution for the technical requirements as well as highest plant safety. And also to achieve an optimum balance of costs and benefits for the customer.

Based on long-term and intensive experience in special purpose machinery and machine tool building, as well as a extensive knowledge and continuous development we are in position, to meet the (often very) versatile requirements of our customers.

Customer satisfaction is a guarantor for long-term relationships!
So you can rely on good support and fastest possible availability without fuss or quibble.

BWME | WeißenböckMaschinenbau
Pleasure at innovative mechanical engineering

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